Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Yahoo! continues to press Mobile Advertising

At CTIA, Yahoo announced its launch of a mobile advertising network that will allow marketers to place ads not only on its mobile services, but also on those of other online publishers. The Yahoo! Mobile Ad Network will allow mobile publishers to have syndicated advertising served on their mobile content and services. Publishers will be able to select the ad formats they want to have run, such as display, sponsored links, video or in-game placements.

Given Yahoo’s track record on mobile I cannot hide my excitement on this announcement. I think Yahoo will set the pace on mobile advertising.

It comprises 4 components, aimed at improving the discovery, distribution and monetization of content on mobile network. One of the components is the Yahoo! Mobile Ad Network, the other 3 are tied to improving the marketing and discovery of content using Yahoo oneSearch.

Mobile ad network

This will allow publishers with mobile oriented sites to place ads on their sites. They can select what type of ad they want, such as display, sponsored links, video or in-game placements. The ads will be sold by Yahoo’s worldwide ad sales team, and served by Yahoo ad service. By consolidating the ad inventory from their own mobile sites along with the inventory from the ad network partners, Yahoo hopes to be able to offer advertisers a wide reach and access to a large worldwide audience.

The first 3 ad network partners were also announced:

MobiTV, a leader in mobile television
Opera, a leading provider of web browsers for mobile devices, and
Go2, a US location-enabled content network.

With the first ads scheduled to be served by the middle of this year, Yahoo! plans on aggressively adding other mobile publishers to the ad network in the coming months. Although Yahoo! Is the first of the major internet search companies to announce an mobile ad network, there are already some companies that are very active in this area. These include startup companies such as AdMob (link), and ThirdScreen Media, as well as a recent announcement by Nokia the world’s largest mobile handset manufacturer.

Mobile Media Directory

This service allows publishers of mobile media to directly market through Yahoo oneSearch. Publishers can submit media samples, such as ringtones or videos. These media will be directly available to people searching using oneSearch. The system allows for rating and comments as well, to improve the marketing effect.

Mobile Content Engine

The Mobile Content Engine offers a similar service to publishers with other mobile content, but who don’t have a significant mobile site. They can put their content, such as news articles, listings, etc, and it becomes immediately discoverable by anyone using oneSearch.

Mobile Site Submit

The Mobile Site Submit will allow publishers of mobile sites to insure that their content is accurately indexed and available to mobile subscribers using Yahoo oneSearch. Publishers will submit key information including site descriptions and relevant tags, thus enabling oneSearch to more accurately reflect what is available in the site.

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