Sunday, April 22, 2007

Decline in mobile graphics or wallpapers

Graphics purchasers decline as cameraphones account for the majority of devices in the United States and Western Europe.

M:Metrics, the mobile market authority, today announced a milestone in mobile industry, as the number of cameraphone owners climbed to 106 million in the United States, crossing the 50 percent threshold. Cameraphones are even more ubiquitous in European markets, led by the United Kingdom where three out of every four mobile subscribers own a camera phone. The measurement firm reports that the proliferation of this technology is driving a decline of one of the first sources of mobile entertainment revenue: the sale of wallpapers and phone graphics, as increasing numbers of people personalize their phone with photos taken on the device.

What wall mobile wallpaper have you got on your mobile screen now? I bet its either picture of your beloved ones or your favorite cars or your favorite celebrities. I constantly have pictures of my kids, luvelle and brandon as my mobile wallpapers and nothing else. I cant remember when was the last time i downloaded my last mobile graphics.

Cameraphone is certainly a must have these days and it will be soon when most people will have everything converged into a truly multimedia device. Think about all the possibilities that we can do with our little handheld device, from listening to our favorite music to blogging on the bus and broadcasting live on internet.

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