Wednesday, April 4, 2007

U.K. Study Shows Youth Tunes In To Targeted Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are as annoying as spam – unless the message matches the individual user’s interests, according to a survey by Q Research. It found teenagers are more than twice as willing to receive mobile ads on their mobile phones if they are relevant. The survey, which polled 1,500 teenagers in January, found that 71 percent would accept mobile ads related to their interests, compared to 32 percent who would accept random mobile ads.

Freebies increase the willingness of users to receive mobile ads. For example, 75 percent of teens said they would accept ads if advertisers offered discounts or special offers, and that figure rose to 82 percent if the offer was ads in exchange for top-up credit.

When asked about the types of ads they would like to receive on their mobiles, 70 percent said they preferred picture ads. Video ads were next with 53 percent (possibly because users were concerned about the cost of receiving a video ad on their phones, the survey said) and text came in last with 45 percent. Press release (PDF)

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