Monday, April 30, 2007

Chinese Fake Super Brands

You have to give it to the chinese, they are the most rampant when comes to fake brands. Some would use the original brands and copy them exactly and others would copy the design and have their brands "renamed" but somehow you will get the idea of the new "renamed" brand.

Foreign companies have frequently complained of trademark violation and only recently USA has filed another official complaints to the WTO. China recently has also cracked down on fake brands by closing down business retailers in order to build a better positive image to outsiders. Check out some of the fake "renamed" brands below.

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Robert Foo said...

Can't blame the Chinese coz everything is considered as fake too. We didn't know how to speak until we learned from others. We didn't know how to think, until we follow others. We didn't know how to make love, until we explore from others. Do you consider all these ways of life as fake too, as we are duplicating someones in the first place. Life has a lot of complication.

Anonymous said...

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