Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Forecast: Mobile marketing worth $19B by 2011

A new study issued by ABI Research anticipates the global mobile marketing and advertising market will boast a value of $3 billion by the end of 2007, growing to $19 billion by 2011 thanks to mobile search and video advertising. According to ABI, mobile video will attract the most attention from mobile marketers, accounting for $9 billion in spending by 2011 and surpassing SMS.
Principal analyst Judith Rosall says

"Mobile advertising and marketing is a risky, albeit enticing business. Unlike the PC, a mobile device offers a uniquely personalized communications channel. Carriers worldwide have quite a bit of information about their end-users: name, sex, age, geographical location. And depending on the handset and plan their users have purchased, the carriers probably also know something about their economic status and credit record. But they don't like to release this information to third parties because they want to protect and control their customers."

The overall outlook for mobile marketing will continue to be positive as more and more mobile marketing players entering the market focusing on various different mobile advertising angles. None of them had clearly set out the right killer mobile marketing model but I m confident and certain that mobile marketing is here to stay. Only time will tell whether which mobile marketing format will prevail.
Ultimately the winning model will have to be simple and yet highly effective in engaging their mobile users with the advertisers.

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