Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I "resisted" blogging about twitter for a long time since everyone has been writing how wonderful the service is. There are so much buzz about it and i decided to give it. If you spend some time on Twitervision it's obvious that Twitter is a global phenomenon, the site is popular around the world and use mushroomed in the last few weeks. Even China has its own twitter version at www.popwu.com.

I was all set to hate, or at least scoff at, Twitter when it launched... It's easy to be cynical about new sites, especially when one is trying to maintain some healthy skepticism. The free, fledgling Web service counts only around 80,000 subscribers. And while Twitter has been around for a year, things didn't start heating up until early March.

Twitter is a twist on instant messaging... it's a simple service that lets subscribers send short updates about their every move and thought to the cell phones and personalized Web sites of groups of folks, rather than just to individuals via SMS, IM, or a very basic web interface. Those messages are then sent to everyone who follows your updates, using any of the communications methods available.

So you must be wondering how do they make money? As of today, the site does not appear to be monetized. Twitter itself is a free service ala Web 2.0 ethos. And sooner or later, people gonna ask how do you make money.

Twitter has certainly open up opportunity for creative people to provide instant information. I m sure you can expect many twitter related services be coming online soon.

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