Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shanghai Auto Show 2007

The day that i have been waiting for having worked my connection with some friends that i ended up getting the tickets to see my very first Shanghai Auto Show.
Got up early and all ready to go and before you knew it, the sky was getting dark and cloudy and the worst fear came, it started to rain. Took the subway to Longyang Road Station.

Just when i thought that i could get out of the station and get a cab, i was once again disappointed by my own optimism. Not only that i didnt get a cab, all that i saw was people rushing out of the station buying umbrellas. All that i could pray was that the exhibition hall wasnt too far as it was already pouring heavily outside and to worsen the condition, it was very cold and windy too.

I guess walking became the only option as most walked too. Though it was a 20 minutes walk, it was the most horrible walking condition, it was wet, windy and cold too.

I kept my optimism high hoping that once i get to the exhibition hall, things would be better but to my disbelief, they were a sea of people waiting at the entrance all eager to get in. I knew China was a place on earth where queueing wasnt a practise but with an international show like this, i was hoping and expecting that the authority would do the necessary to ease the visitors into the show but to my dismay, it was the same OLD China. Not queueing up is an understatement, they were all pushing each other into the entrance and i was squeezed like sandwich.
Finally, i managed to race myself into the hall in one piece.

I must admit with all the agony that i was put thro, the saving grace was that the exhibition halls were perfectly decorated and the cars and women were all what i would had expected it out of an international car gala. Well done to all of them.

I hope to share the following pictures of perfection that will certainly enlighten all of you. Enjoy it.

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Robert Foo said...

There was once, I asked a much older man who was driving an old Mercedes, "If you can afford a brand new car, which model would you buy?"
He replied,"If I had make it and firthy rich, I would still keep my old car or even change to a small second-hand one."
I was surprised! He continued to explain,"Only those who have not make it to be truly successful, would buy new expensive cars to show. If one has make it to the world, he needs not buy to show."