Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spiderman 3, the most expensive film ever

At $500 million, this would definitely make our favorite hero, spiderman the most expensive film ever produced in Hollywood.

It goes with out saying that you have to spend money to make money, but $500 million? That is a bit excessive. That would make Spider-Man 3 almost 2.5 times more expensive than Spider-Man 2, which grossed $784 million world-wide in 2004. The industry expectations around this latest installment into the Spidey franchise is somewhere around $800 million, so turning a profit is not going to be hard, but one must ask why this film cost so much? Isn’t most of it computer graphics? And with plans for 3 more films, will they continue to become exponentially more expensive?

I m sure this is going to be an exciting summer and come may we will all know whether our superhero will provide great ROI back to Sony.

I read a film blog which claimed that the party has already started in China with copies of pirated version being sold on the street. Not sure whether its the real Spiderman 3 film or other something else as enterprising and daring chinese pirates would pull all kinds of stunts to make quick bucks. Dont be surprised that you end up buying a copy of spiderman 3 dvd with Mr Bean jumping off the screen.

As for me, i m definitely going to the cinema to watch the world most expensive film production afterall i sure would like to know how a $500 million film is produced.

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