Monday, April 16, 2007

GSM Association forms committee to set mobile ad standards

Mobile advertising is definitely becoming a big star as more or more participations are coming from the bigger boys. First it was MMA, then Yahoo and now GSMA.

Following on from the Mobile Entertaining and Advertising Summit that was held in New York in late March, the GSMA has announced the formation of a new group to address issues related to mobile advertising.
There will be a number of focus areas for this group, including

- standards for ad inventory, eg size and placement;

- establishment of “best practice” guidelines, especially to insure that subscribers are not overwhelmed by unwanted advertisements on arriving on their phones;

- a cross operator ad planning and purchasing system, to broaden the reach of available to an advertiser;

- defining the standards for measurement, so that there is a single set of metrics that can be applied across the industry.

More on this is reported in ClickZ News HERE.

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