Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fashion Brands going Ga Ga over Mobile Phones

We're seeing more of the fashion brands coming into mobile phones. Not surprising taking into consideration that people in China and the rest of world replace their mobile phones within 12 months and the global replacement cycle is shortening year after year.

When the big iPhone buzz was on, many noticed that LG had teamed up with fashion brand Prada to deliver a phone of very similar outwardly appearance as the iPhone. Fashion brands such a Benetton and handbag manufacturer Samantha Thavasa are taking similar path.

Having a mobile phone especially in China is all about fashion, its not about the features on the phones and most dont even know what features they have. All they care is the brand on their mobile.

3G will be introduced in China soon and expect to see a successful roll out. Why? Because its fashionable to be part of 3G and most chinese are aware of the new 3G mobile network but few even know what is 3G.

Fashion mobile phone will certainly be a hit. Its a matter of time before other big fashion brands will be going after their very own niche market.

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