Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mobile Web Adoption Slow in the US, Study Finds

Research from Media-Screen has revealed that adoption of the mobile Internet is still slow among US broadbander Internet users. The research found that only 5% of US broadband users use the mobile Internet. Although more than 60% of users currently own an Internet-enabled mobile device, they are reluctant to partake in online mobile activities due to extra fees, and the difficulties of establishing and maintaining Internet connections.

The report, ‘Netpop Pocket’, also reveals a significant gap between accessing the Internet on mobile devices and computers when comparing the number of online activities performed through each. Users perform an average of 3.3 online activities on their mobile device, versus 13.4 activities on their laptop/desktop, reinforcing the fact that online activities have yet to migrate into the pockets of broadband users.

Among broadband users, the most popular mobile activities are communications-related, with ‘sending email’ (47%) as the most popular activity, followed by playing games (27%). And while mobile is often touted as the ‘third screen’, less than one in five users accesses news or television shows from a mobile device, though the report says this figure is likely to grow when pricing and packaging issues are improved.

Furthermore, the marketing and advertising messages surrounding the mobile Internet do not resonate with most users. Over 50% of respondents say that the mobile Internet access does not “fit with their lifestyle.”

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