Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fastest sales concluded on the World Sexiest Super Car

I had the opportunity to attend the Shanghai Auto show yesterday again to experience and witness the fastest sales concluded on a Lamborghini. It all took less than 15 minutes and the local chinese man in his 40s was the proud owner of the super car.

The Lamborghini's booth had to be temporary closed for the local chinese man to inspect and conclude the sales. All the sales personnel were there to assist him and we were just observing behind the enclosed booth. After he had completed admiring the interior and exterior of a real work or art, he made immediate paymeny for his new toy.

He was crowned the new owner and we were no longer allowed to go near to the car. I guessed his ego must be at its peak.

Story like this are not new as the local chinese are getting so rich these days with Chinese economy growing at such rapid pace. Expect to hear more of such stories in the nearest future.


Robert Foo said...

Can't blame them bcoz the Chinese was in darkness for centuries long.

Shanghai Travel Guide said...

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