Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mobile Fashion

Love it or hate it - do or don’t - but many of us Personalise and Customise our phones - whether it be internalised modification - wallpapers, ringtones, screensavers, or through external modification - stickers, express-clip on covers, to one of the most prevalent forms of individualisation - the strap attached to the phone.

In today’s global village whether you are on the fashionable streets of East Nanjing - Shanghai, Sibuya - Tokyo, or Sloane Street - London the mobile phone has become the most personalised gadget ever and has become the defacto device we use to show off our style and cultural identity.

Mobile design is advancing further into style and trends - and many of the mobile phone brands have spotted the trend of consumers personalising and customising the designs with an array of styles from urban street to the luxury sector - we have the fashion phones from Vertu, Apple, Nokia, LG and Samsung - and at the top end of the mass market we have the Samsung/Bang&Olufsen phone - followed by LGs Chocolate range and their ultimate trend setting latest creation to hit the urban catwalks with the LG Prada - mobile has become style ubiquitous and with it comes the desire to use it as a social device not only in communication but as a symbol - a symbol of who I am - a signal to the culture around…

“I like modern design aesthetics” - the Samsung/Bang&Olufsen Serene
“I am a Fashion whore” - The Devil carries an LG Prada
“I am a Design guru” - Apple iPhone
“I am affluent and super rich” - Vertu’s “signature Cobra”
“I am all bling bling” - Motorola D&G V3i - also now with Fashion icon - Kate Moss as their new “role model” for the Razr range. Hellooooooo Moto

What are you all doing with your mobiles to personalise and customise it into something intimate, individual or tribal? What are you???

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