Monday, May 26, 2008

World's First Disposable Mobile Phone

Not only its the 1st disposable, handset, its possibly the cheapest handset ever too at $10. Hop-On has just launched a $10 GSM handset. First off, this is a cheap-as-chips handset. But it works. 4 hours talk time, 150 hours standby, dual band and it weighs 77 grams with no display.

The HOP1800 is a study in simplicity. There is no display. A tactile numeric keypad with Braille markings, offers reassuring buttons that touch screen cell phone users are longing for. Being a pre-paid cell phone, no contracts are required so you can be up and talking in seconds.

The HOP 1800 is only available in the US at the present moment. (They’ve also got a range of more powerful, sexier handsets — check them out).

Not sure whether this would be a hit as most people would buy a device for a longer term ie not to buy and dispose them. Mobile phone these days is like our personal item and its not something that we want to change or buy and dispose instantly. I wouldn't mind buying one for temporary use if i had left my mobile phone at home or that i m traveling to the US and i need to have a 2nd phone for local access.


Anonymous said...

As if cell phones aren't producing enough waste as it is.

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