Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Motorola's market share drops below 10 percent

Motorola, the company that manufactured the first commercially available cell phone, saw its overall sales drop 21% in this year’s first-quarter. Sales dropped to $7.45 billion from last year’s first-quarter sales number of $9.43 billion. Motorola’s cellphone division dropped 39% compared to the sales numbers from first-quarter 2007.

The mobile phone division lost $418 million during the quarter, nearly 80% more than the $233 million it lost during the same period last year. Motorola only sold 27 million handsets in the first-quarter, as it saw its share of the global market fall below 10%, down from the 22% of market share it had in 2006.

When will Motorola hit the bottom? The only news from Motorola seems to be only bad news. Its going to be a long ride down before they could see any light at the end of the tunnel.

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Anonymous said...

It's natural.If u want to grab a good position then u have to compete.