Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spammed SMS blocking service

Malaysian operator Maxis has ordered an SMS service platform from Acision which will enable its subscribers to block unsolicited SMS, or SMS spam, set up automatic replies and automatically copy messages to another mobile number from their handset.

The Acision’s Message Plus platform has allowed Maxis to be the first mobile operator globally to enable a customer-activated Anti-Spam solution which blocks out local spam messages. For Maxis, this blacklist feature complements our ongoing efforts in combating local spam issues. Our customers can now, at their own accord, personalise and block of spam SMS from reaching their mobile phones.

This is nothing revolutionary as its a simple technology that has the intelligence to block un-wanted junk SMS just like how our desktop and online email apps block our junk emails. This is a solution that all operators will worldwide should be adopting as it provides great privacy and control to the mobile users. Especially in China where users had been troubled with years and years of spammed SMS, its high time that China Mobile and China Unicom should consider taking this approach. Beyond preventing un-wanted SMS, i think the service will also help to differentiate the service level between operators.

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