Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Out of Stock" iPhone fuels the imminent launch of 3G version

The iPhone is out of stock "companywide," according to Apple Inc. sales representatives. The outage has fueled rumors that the next-generation 3G model will be released shortly.

On Saturday, Apple-specific Web sites and blogs reported on the sold-out notices posted on Apple's U.S. and U.K. online stores. With all the buzz surrounding the 3G model, the international rollout and the SDK, this is just one more sign that the release of a new device is right around the corner.

Most analysts and pundits have pegged June 9, the opening day of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) as the likely introduction date for the 3G iPhone. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to open the conference with his usual keynote address and could unveil a new iPhone then. The iPhone's first sales anniversary, June 29, has been touted by others as a possible on-sale date for the 3G model.

So for those of you are heading to buy an iPhone now, i would advise you to hang on to June. Its just few weeks away.

Apple has also recently signed deals with four mobile phone networks in the Asia-Pacific region, and the firms will offer the iPhone in their respective markets.

SingTel will sell the gadget in Singapore, while Bharti Airtel will introduce it in India.
Globe Telecom has the rights to the iPhone in the Philippines, and Optus will offer it in Australia.

Earlier this year Apple and China Mobile called off talks to launch the handset to Chinese consumers amid speculation that the two firms failed to agree on a revenue sharing deal. But there are rumors that they had started talking again.

But it does look as is Apple has had to rethink its business model for certain markets. Along with the deal struck with Vodafone and TIM earlier this month, multiple carriers will now be selling the device in Australia and India as well as Italy. This is presumably because these markets also have such a high proportion of prepaid mobile users that selling the device on a subscription only basis and through one carrier would be unviable.

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