Thursday, May 22, 2008

Google Rules

Hitwise released the latest statistics for search engine share in the United States for April 2008. Google has again hit a new high, jumping up 0.65% from the prior month's high, to 68% of the US search market. Microsoft and Yahoo hit all-time lows -- though Yahoo, at least, only drops by 0.1% further from its low last month. Microsoft dropped about 0.4%.

The four major search engines stack up as follows:
Google: 67.9%
Yahoo: 20.3% (unrounded, 20.28%)
Microsoft: 6.3% (unrounded, 6.26%)
Ask: 4.2% (unrounded, 4.17%)

Here are the past data of how they had performed over the years. Clearly Google rules the world of search.

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