Thursday, May 29, 2008

LinkedIn traffic is soaring, Facebook is declining by 10% in April

Source : Nielsen

The latest stats from Nielsen Online show a significant decline in month-over-month unique visitors to Facebook in the US. In April, traffic fell to 22.4M uniques, down from the 24.9M reported in March. Year-over-year traffic growth decelerated from 98% to a much more modest 56%. MySpace also saw a modest decline (from 60.3M to 58.7M), while LinkedIn continued its torrid growth from 7.8M uniques in March to 8.6M in April.

Are users getting tired with Facebook and the rest of the other social networking sites? How many times do you access Facebook or Myspace or any other social networking sites? Are you seeing a drop in activity from your social friends? Is Facebook fatigue finally upon us?


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