Monday, May 19, 2008

Internet mourns for the earthquake victims in China

China begins 3 day mourning period for earthquake victims. I was at the immigration center in Pudong at 2:28pm where everybody stood up with their heads down mourning with sadness for those who were victims of the powerful earthquake that had rocked China. While we continue to mourn for the victims, I still hope and pray that the rescuers will continue their effort to pull out any survivals from the rubble. And for those who are in position to help, I urge you help out by making donations to Red Cross Society of China.

Below are the biggest portals in China who had switched to black and white to mourn for all the affected and victims of earthquake. This is probably the 1st time ever that i had seen this happening on the internet. You can check out most of the major internet sites in China who had switched to black and white and it will continue to be in this color format for the next 3 days.

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