Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mobile Marketing - Mobile Users prefer Instant Prizes

Consumers prefer smaller instantaneous prizes in mobile phone promotions on mobile phones than they do the chance to win bigger prizes, according to new research by mobile marketing firm AirG.

In the online study conducted in April, AirG recorded the results of 15,500 people in 22 minutes. When asked what types of freebies they’d most want in exchange for watching ads on a phone, 55 percent said they’d like ringtones; 14 percent said wallpaper; 12 percent said mobile video; and 19 percent said the chance to win a car.

Twenty-nine percent of survey respondents have clicked on an ad on a mobile phone and 21 percent have participated in a contest or promo on a phone. But this potential has yet to be tapped completely as 48 percent of respondents said that they would accept ads on their phone in exchange for a free service or chance to win a prize.

To get consumers engaged in mobile marketing promotions, it is important to understand the medium. Moving your online strategy to mobile is not going to work, mobile is a different medium that is more intimate and needs to be treated that way in the promotions done through this channel. Consumers spend alot of time a day on their phones but this should be broken up into about five-minute increments so campaigns should be short and give an instant response to get a good response rate.
Keeping the mobile marketing simple and providing short and simple contest has been a very successful formula for us in China. Its defininitely a good way to keep the users engaged and more importantly to keep them coming back. Believe me, the right gratification will create an unimaginable viral effect. Mobile users in China are all hard core recipients of mobile gratification. Many of them will spend a great deal of time browsing through their mobile phones to receive anything free to instant prizes offering.

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