Thursday, May 17, 2007

Five minutes to respond on SMS

Discovered some interesting stats on 160characters from an online survey that they had conducted. The survey looked at the messaging habits of end-users across email, instant messaging and SMS in personal and work environments.

- 84% of users expect a SMS response in five minutes

- Most people would respond to a personal SMS (84%) in less than 30 minutes while only 56% would respond in that time to a work related message.

- SMS as the preferred key communication tool, especially when an immediate or near immediate response is required.

- 26% of respondents would take between two and five hours to reply to a personal email and 31% would wait till the next day to reply.

- However for work related emails, 26% said it would take them two to five hours to reply and 22% would keep you waiting till the next day. At least this was better than the response time to personal email with 31% waiting for the next day.

- 60% would never use MMS for work related communications with long delivery times cited as the main reason.

- Mobile IM still has some way to go for both business and personal use with 42% not using mobile IM for personal reasons and 54% not using it for business.

- This compares to the PC where only 15% don't use PC based IM for personal and 27% not using in business.

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