Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cartier embraces Mobile Advertising

Cartier will run its first ever mobile ad campaign across GQ and Glamour mobizines. The ads are part of a wider campaign to promote Cartier's "Love” jewelry range and will appear throughout June on CN’s mobile Java sites.

Mobizines are "mini" versions of magazines that are cut down to optimize their viewing on mobile devices. Mobizines can be downloaded and cost nothing except the network operator’s data download charges. Mobizine versions of CQ and Glamour have been available since February, 2005, and have a combined subscriber base of 60,000. Other titles with mobizine versions include Maxim, Time Out, Sporting Life and NME. A small collection of U.S. titles have recently been added including Forbes and Reuters.

Mobile advertising is no longer just for the mass market advertisers as its ability to do target marketing has allowed advertisers to reach deeper into the focus group. Its this advantage that differentiates it from other advertising medium.

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