Monday, May 7, 2007

Hollywood loves mobile, Advertisers not ready

According to The New York Times, while short, multisodes mobile series are growing in popularity, the lucrative advertising dollars prevalent in other entertainment segments — and which studios rely on for profit — have been slow to migrate to the small and tiny mobile screen.
While spending on mobile advertising has been growing exponentially and but the current global mobile ad spending is still tiny in comparison to the regular tv commercial spending. The current and actual active global subscriber base of mobile internet users both in china and rest of the world is still by far very small in comparison to the total mobile phone subscribers nationwide. Its for this reason, advertisers are still reluctant to sponsor ads because the demand for mobile video is still very small.

"If you think about what the market could be from an advertising perspective, it is a dream,” said Linda Barrabee, an analyst for wireless mobile communications at the Yankee Group, a research firm in Boston.

“That’s why you see a lot of companies playing with different concepts and ideas,” she said, but added that “it’s hard to target advertising in a meaningful way. From a brand perspective, they haven’t figured it out.”

Even studio executives suggest that the explosive growth predicted is still some time away.

But I m sure such view and demand will change as more and more users start to access the internet via their mobile phones. China, the nation with the largest subscriber base of mobile users is poised to have more people accessing the internet from the mobile than from the PC in 2009.

In Japan, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, accessing the internet has become so fast and easy with Japan's mobile phones that many young people have forsaken computers. "... In Japan, the problem is that as the youth become more adept with mobile technology, their ability to use PCs and real keyboards has regressed to the point where it matches their parents'. Many of the 4 million young, part-time workers cannot afford PCs, and are being permanently locked out of white-collar work because of their ineptitude with computers."

Similar are being experienced in most parts of Asia. Its a phenomena.

I think everyone is trying to figure it out and decide how to deal with it at this present time as most will agree with me that mobile advertising is going to be the next frontier though no one has the answer yet. You have a better answer to it?

Warner Brothers recently created a six-episode series of short videos for mobile devices based on the popular Superman television show, “Smallville.”

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