Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Chinese Government is tapping into your room

China’s 6.5 million civil servants were warned today they could be fired for keeping a mistress or neglecting elderly relatives, under new ethical guidelines aimed at curbing rampant corruption.

Prime minister Wen Jiabao signed the code of conduct, which will extend deep into the private lives of bureaucrats once it comes into effect in June.

Officials face possible dismissal if they are caught with a prostitute or abusing drugs, according to the People’s Daily.

Reflecting the resurgence of traditional Confucian values, they can also be demoted if they abandon their families or fail to look after their parents.

The main thrust of the regulations is to prevent the widespread abuse of power for financial gain. As well as bribery and embezzlement, civil servants can be sacked for setting up side-businesses without proper authorization.

Who said that the Chinese government has no proper ethics and code of conduct. They are certainly way ahead than many governments of leading countries as far as managing corruption. Laws against corruption in China are severe and punishable by death and those who are caught no matter how senior their position in the political party will be severely dealt with.

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Robert Foo said...

Sorry to hear this happening in China. Can't blame the man because " man always needs woman." Only the sick or those having problems in life would not think of woman. The minute, a man loses interest in woman, he would also lose his personal drive in life. If you need him to stay in power, you can't take away his desire. These are the facts of life; "Inner self we need it but outward self we can't need it."