Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miss Japan is Miss Universe 2007

Who Won Miss Universe 2007?

1. Miss Japan - Miss Universe 2007
2. Miss Brazil
3. Miss Venezuela
4. Miss Korea
5. Miss USA

Miss Universe 2007 was anything but predictable this year especially with huge underdog Miss Japan winning. Two of the big favorites, Miss Venezuela and Miss Brazil were in but controversy hovered over the competition following Miss USA making the final having fell on stage during the evening gown competition.

She was booed when she took on the stage to answer question. Its a real pity for her but let's get real, you don't fall in the Miss Universe competition and move on to the final five.There was already much controversy surrounding the USA delegate due to tensions between host country Mexico and a hotly contested US policy on immigration. Miss USA was a 4th runner up.
Venezuela shockingly came in as the 2nd runner up. Miss Korea was the 3rd runner up and heavy favorite Miss Brazil taking 1st runner up.

Miss Japan, a huge underdog took the crown. Riyo Mori, a 20-year-old ballet dancer from Shizuoka Prefecture has been selected as the 2007 Miss Universe Japan. Its great for Japan and Asia afterall its been a while since an Asian won the Miss Universe pageant.

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