Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fusion Cuisine at the very Best

Last night we were all so privileged to have been invited via my Shanghai connection, Andrew Poon, the star chef of the night and not forgetting his new sweetheart, the ever happy go lucky teresa. They have put in so much effort to getting the dinner ready as it was their 1st attempt at cooking chinese dishes. They had spent the whole day ransacking all their cook books thinking what to cook. Must had been a huge task taking into consideration that they had never cooked chinese before.

I m not a great cook myself as all that i can possibly prepare are simple microwaveable food and the really simple instant noodles. Anything more daunting would be a nightmare. I m lucky to have my own personal chef, FC who is next best in Shanghai. So i do understand the agony that Andrew was going thro. For teresa, its more than just agony as she was clearly one of those who had never walked into a kicthen before. hahaha.

For his effort, I think he has earned admiration from all of us and believe it, the food turned out fine and instead of chinese, it was more of a chinese fusion. Take a look at the pictures of the dishes below though i must apologise for the poor quality of the shots as we had started eating before shooting the dishes. Guess we were so hungry afterall the dinner only started after 10pm.
The awesome finger licking chinese marinated chicken wings (best of the 5 dishes)
Diced sirloin steaks with tomatoes
Chinese glass noodles with minced meat (spaghetti bolognaise chinese version)
Creme de la creme century eggs (oversteamed though), I kinda of ate the most. haha

The last dish was Clear Soup but somehow the soup didnt turn out the way we wanted it. Andrew is a real pro when comes to preparing chinese soup. I had it before and it was at the highest quality like those my mom would prepare everyday for us.

Bottom line, I would give it an eight out of ten (8/10). Well done bro and your sweet heart too.

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