Thursday, May 3, 2007

Chinese own version of "Big Mobile Brands"

Do these brands sound familiar: Nokla, Nokta, Suny Ericssom, Scny Ericsscn, AiFeng, Veptu?

Copying and trademark infringement has always been a big problem for international brands in Asia and its a much bigger problem in China. To illustrate, I have included images and picture of various mobile models to be imitating very closely their international counterparts! Check and see whether you can spot the differences.

The Fake Nokia 95 "Nokla N95"

The Original

The Fake Nokia Vertu "Veptu"
The Original
The Fake Apple iPhone "AiFeng"

The Original

The Fake Nokia N73 "Nokta N73"

The Original
The Fake Sony Ericsson "Suny Ericssom"

The Original

The Fake Sony PSP "FUN"

The Original

In a nation where counterfeiting costs companies worldwide billions of dollars a year, according to the U.S. government, selling of such fake merchandise should be discouraged because counterfeiting undercuts honest competition and rewards illegal competitors, and even defraud innocent customers.

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Anonymous said...

is it illegal or not... why cant they stop it...