Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To Prevent Upskirts, Japanese iPhone 3G Always Alerts When Taking Photos

Unlike other country’s versions of the 3G iPhone, the Japanese version will make a shutter sound wherever a picture is taken, even in silent mode. The loud shutter sound is supposed to deter voyeurs from taking sneaky pictures up women’s’ skirts — or down their tops.However, this is nothing new to the island nation, with up-skirt picture-taking so prevalent, most cell phones come with this feature, reports Gizmodo.

As a result, all cell phones sold in Japan make a conspicuous shutter sound, or say the word “cheese” when a snap is taken, according to Nobuyuki Hayashi, a tech reporter based in Tokyo. On almost all new cell phones, the camera shutter sound can not be muted, Hayashi says.

There is a solution though, head over to Pwnage 2.0 and jailbreak your iPhone 3G and you can then do anything you want with your phone.

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