Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Disruptive Bluetooth Headset Ads

It seems most ads nowadays are using a provocative sexual style to grab the attention. Whether or not the audience likes it or not, such tactics had proven many times to be very disruptive and effective.

Jawbone, a stylish award winning military-grade noise eliminating bluetooth headset had produced two very disruptive video ads that will surely encourage you to consider getting one for yourself. I m not sure about you but after watching the ads, I m definitely considering getting one for myself. Let me know what you think of the ads.

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Anonymous said...

hey what a coincident ! about 1.5 hours before i read your blog, i just got to know about this cool gadget from China Phoenix channel! so sleek! after seeing some of those 'disruptive' ad from your blog, i think its time for those adv personnel to be more creative, using the same 'tactic' rather homogenous! i wonder will it because of the westerners rather to play safe than thingking out of the 'box' to promote a luxury toy? p/s: well is just a young lady point of view, no offence! 嘻嘻 !