Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mac vs PC

This is a very accurate description of the differences between a Windows system and a Macintosh. The illustration says it all.

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Computer Enthusiast said...

Actually, it's really the other way around. When your Mac dies, you can't service it. Mac users generally don't know much about their hardware, because they don't need to know. They pay obscene fees to have it repaired for them, when really, it's essentially the same hardware.

PC users on the other hand are more likely to be the type with a clean rig and a confident smile, because they have been working on their machines for years. Any PC user who would attempt repairs themselves would likely be intimately familiar with its insides and probably take the opportunity to upgrade, which would be impossible for the mac user.

And if all else fails, the PC users can still pay someone to fix their machine. It'll just cost a lot less.

Un-self-serviceable, un-upgradable prefab unit...


Self-serviceable, upgradeable prefab unit, which can be sent out for repairs (like a mac) and upgrades (not like a mac) at a cheaper price (not like a mac).

The confused bumpkin is likely a mac user trying to make sense of something more complicated than an "ON" switch.