Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Medio MobileNow new Mobile Performance Ad Network from Medio Systems

Medio Systems is going head first into mobile advertising, pushing relevance via pay per click ads and a brand new MobileNow Ad network. It's playing catch-up in mobile advertising, but now is firing with both guns loaded.

The new Ad Network works both and off-portal and will be in place with T-Mobile USA, TELUS Mobility and Amp'd Mobile. Adverts will be priced and served by auction and payments are made when consumers click on messages.
From the press release:
The Medio MobileNow Ad Network includes features to meet the marketing objectives of a variety of mobile advertisers:
  • classic direct-response ads with ‘respond now’ objectives, such as buying flowers via a phone call;
  • targeted sales for mobile content providers, including downloadable content like ringtones, games and wallpaper;
  • relevant traffic for independent mobile sites;
  • branding within a search context, such as advertising a new movie when someone searches for a film star’s wallpaper;
  • driving Pay Per Call for local advertisers.

Together with Ingenio, Inc., Medio also announced today a partnership tofeature Ingenio Pay Per Call listings within the Medio MobileNow Ad Network, which will enable both national and local marketers to run effective mobile campaigns and only pay when a consumer initiates a call to the advertised business from their mobile phone.

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