Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Think you are unlucky and unhappy, Think Again

Its human nature to complain and feeling uncontended. They always look around and start to feel and think that others are luckier and happier. While we always try and compare with those who are better off than us, we failed to think of those who are dying and starving and not having a roof over their heads and many of these are young and adorable kids who are trying hard to live to see another day, to play with their friends and all they could wish is to be like you and me.
We have a good job, we have alot of friends, we have decent family, and most importantly, we have hope. Lets all start to feel good about ourselves and learn to be contended and appreciate what we presently have. Its no point thinking too far for all the good things are just right in front of us. My dad always advised me to live in present and make the best of everything, for life is what we make of it. Always add perfume of love to our outlook and whatever we do in life. That way we will always feel lucky and happy.

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