Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Value in Mobile Marketing

James Briggs, CEO and co-founder of mobile marketing agency Briabe Media, has an article on iMedia Connection with 4 tips on successfully integrating mobile marketing into your marketing mix. James points out some of the real advantages of mobile marketing, as well as how to best use it. Here are his four tips. Read the complete article for more great info.

1. Maximize your investments in traditional media by leveraging mobile to close the loop on campaigns and capture your customers with fewer impressions. Broadcast media, such as TV advertising, was traditionally excellent for building brand awareness with large, well-defined target audiences. However, they no longer deliver the immediacy of response available via the mobile channel. By adding a well-positioned mobile component to your campaigns, you can reduce the number of impressions required to capture target consumers while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing budget.

2.When executing integrated campaigns, allow mobile to play a prominent role in the campaign. This will allow interactive channels the opportunity to perform at their best, and it reduces the overuse of more disruptive media channels. For example, McDonald’s recently executed a mobile campaign to promote the Big Mac. As a part of the campaign, the company integrated a mobile call-to-action alongside a website address on Big Mac packaging to allow customers to register and participate in the promotion. To McDonald’s surprise, 40 percent of the customers that participated in the campaign opted-in via their mobile phones. Needless to say, the program was deemed a tremendous success.

3. Respect your consumers’ needs by investing in media campaigns that are relevant to their lifestyles and how they desire to interact with your brand. The majority of mobile subscribers know that the mobile phone is no longer just for voice communication; they are also powerful access portals to their information and entertainment sources. Even so, this does not guarantee that they are willing to let your brand onto that portal. Relevant content and messaging are key criteria for successful execution in the mobile channel.

4. Hold your agency partners accountable. Mobile marketing provides marketers with the tools they have long required to determine the success and ROI of their marketing initiatives. However, brand managers often rely upon their agency partners to ensure that new channels are properly incorporated into their marketing mix. If your agency partner has not discussed the role mobile can play in your strategies, you should ask them why not.

What I found extremely interesing in this article was the McDonald’s case study. For the mobile call to action to be almost equal to the web is not surprising considering it was on the product packaging. What I would like to know would be the overall response rate! Give the article a read, there is a lot of good information. James clearly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to mobile marketing.

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