Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yahoo! launches Mobile Publisher Services

Good idea, will the execution match it?

Yahoo! says the new services are designed to enable publishers in 19 countries to increase discovery, distribution and monetization of their content on mobile.

New Services Designed to Enable Publishers Across 19 Countries to Increase Discovery, Distribution and Monetization of their Content on Mobile. The new services publishers will have access to are the Yahoo!Mobile Ad Network, Mobile Content Engine, Mobile Media Directory and Mobile Site Submit.The Yahoo! Mobile Publisher Services has gone live across 19 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, US and Vietnam.

So far Yahoo! has put a lot of money and effort into its expansion into mobile with limited success (see pls put in link to your analysis of Yahoo! Go). The good news is that they have signed up some of the most innovative mobile players to their Publishing Services, including Go2, MobiTv and Opera.

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