Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spending my virtual weekend with my Dad & youngest Bro

You can feel young and crazy at any age. Just because you are 60 years old doesn't mean you are too old to be young and crazy. Of course i m not 60 years old to be advising you this. This advise is coming straight from my dad's t-shirt, a gift from my mom to him. 

My dad, Robert is a living proof of person who is forever young at heart. Not only that, he is crazy enough to learn how to blog at 60 at Pretty good writings on his experience on business, selling, women and sex too. It has been an adventure riding out with my dad and you can read more about his adventures on his blog.

Check out my youngest brother's new look. Caldwin had finally shaved off his old messy heavy metal looking hair look, a look that has been a constant discomfort for all of us at home. I m sure he will start to get into real action with this new look and of course find a new girlfriend. Well done and all the best bro.

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