Wednesday, November 26, 2008

iPhone users do more than make calls

Ninety-eight percent of iPhone subscribers use at least one mobile data service according to market research firm The Nielsen Company's Q3 2008 U.S. iPhone Executive Overview.
70% of iPhone users listen to audio tracks on their device, with 39% downloading music directly to the handset, 66% of users download software and applications, and 35% screen video content, which Nielsen says makes them seven times as likely as the typical mobile subscriber. Of course, if 98% of iPhone users have embraced mobile data services, that means 2% of the iPhone subscriber population does nothing more than make voice calls on the device.

Nielsen reports 43% of iPhone users rack up a monthly bill in excess of $100, compared to 20% of the total mobile subscriber population, 13% of iPhone users look to their employers to pay their wireless bill, compared to 7% of all subscribers. 

Among consumers who purchased a new handset between January and September, 11% considered an iPhone, and 21% of them made the leap to the Apple device. As of the third quarter, 89% of consumers who acquired an iPhone within the previous six months were highly satisfied with their purchase, compared to an industry average of 71 percent of new handset owners.

In all there are now 3.6 million mobile subscribers ages 13 and up actively using the iPhone, Nielsen notes. Adults ages 35 to 54 make up the majority of iPhone users at 34%, while Hispanic subscribers represent a larger portion of the iPhone audience (21%) than of the total U.S. subscriber audience (13%). In addition, 44% of iPhone subscribers report a household income in excess of $100,000, compared to 22% of the overall subscriber population.

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