Friday, November 7, 2008

Mobile ad awareness soars in US

Mobile advertising awareness grew by a third in the US over the last nine months.

Research by mobile social network Limbo and research firm GfK concludes that the economic slowdown is promoting brands to divert budgets to cost-effective direct marketing channels and that mobile media is benefiting from this.

The key findings were:

· Nearly four out of ten Americans with a phone (104 million) recall seeing advertising on their device between July and September 2008.
· The most commonly viewed ads were in text messages -- 60 million consumers recalled seeing text message-based ads -- an increase of 42 per cent in nine months.
· 31 million people recalling seeing mobile web ads, 57 per cent of them male, and 43 per cent female

This is good news for the mobile marketing industry. This means that people are already realizing the value of SMS Ads and that they have control over the ads that they are receiving by opting in/ opt out. This study shows that mobile marketing is being used as an effective medium to reach the consumers directly. 


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