Friday, October 19, 2007

China's trade surplus hits $185.7 billion in first 9 months

China's trade surplus hit $185.65 billion in the first nine months, surpassing the full-year figure in 2006. September's trade surplus, though $1.06 billion less than the previous month, reached $23.91 billion, up 56.3% from the same period a year ago.

Last year, China's trade surplus soared 74.2 percent to a record $177.47 billion.

With Christmas holidays around the corner, exports will surely surge before the year is over and it will definitely be another record for China and sometimes I wonder how much more China can continue to break records. China had broken more records than any countries in the past 10 years. The local Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges had been recording new high every week for the past 6 months and even with cautions from the analysts, the local chinese are still taking position and nothing seem to prevent them from taking advantage of the greatest bull run on both the local stock exchanges.

While the stock exchanges in China are still recording new high weekly, i m still of the opinion that investors should take profit and continue to invest wisely on blue chips with good fundamentals. Just a note, Warren Buffet had just sold all the 8% stocks that they had invested heavily in PetroChina. There is no specific reason why they had decided to sell off but my takeway would simply be that Warren thinks the profit was good and its high time to cash out. I m not implying anything but i guess its good to take note.

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Eric Eldon said...

Truly amazing numbers!