Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nokia got smacked again in the face by the Operator in UK

The N81 is the flagship device from Nokia that has a built in music and game store, something that had upset quite a few operators (Orange, O2 and now T-Mobile) in the UK who already provide their customers with such solutions. They see this as a threat so they’re refusing to sell the device (subsidized of course) to their customers. It may may not sound critical as its just one model that they are refusing to sell but it just goes to demostrate how far operators will go to protect their own turf and its definitely no easy ride for Nokia.

This is just the UK, what about the rest of the world? Will Nokia’s attempt at providing content be a complete turn off for the operators? It is definitely going to be one long and tedious fight and i m quite certain that it will be many times harder for the Chinese market with China Mobile monopolising especially most operators would have similar offering too. When you use a third party internet service aka something that is not offered in your operators walled garden then you are surely going to upset them.

With Nokia Siemens bleeding money, the $8.1 billion purchase of Navteq and now operators lifting their noses in the air and ignoring the Finnish giants products, it going to be interesting to see how everything will pan out in due time.

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