Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cheeky Nokia ad aiming at iPhone

Nokia is plastering in New York city with ads taking aim at Apple's locked iPhones. Not only does iPhone prohibit the installation of third-party apps, and for users who unlocked their phones will soon discover that Apple's latest "update" actually bricked their phones, rendering them useless (and Apple says that illegal unlocking your phone voids your warranty).

Nokia's N-series phones are designed to run third-party code, and Nokia encourages users to be as creative as they want with their phones. N 95 is a terrific phone, except for battery life, which is apparently a real problem.

Personally, i think mobile phone should be as open as they can just like their PC counterpart so as to encourage developers and users the flexibility and creativity with what they can do with their phones. While i can understand where Apple is coming from especially with the exclusive partnerships that they had signed with the Operators, the mobile device shouldn't be locked in totality. Apple should consider having an arrangement with Operators where users can buy an outright unlocked version where its entirely up to the end users or developers' discretion with what they want to do with their phones.

A 2 pricing strategy for the iPhone maybe the best solution giving the end users whether to sign up for a locked iPhone version or a higher price for an unlocked version.

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