Friday, October 5, 2007

516 million mobile users in China, August 2007

There were 515.67 million subscribers of mobile communication services in China as of the end of August 2007, growing by 1.40% on month and by 17.87% on year, according to China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII) on September 24.

Also at the end of August there were 372.45 million subscribers of fixed lines in China, translating into a user density of 28.4%.

Mobile phone subscribers in China sent 50.08 billion short messages in August, averaging 3.15 short messages per phone number a day.


Anonymous said...

you forget that there is a ton of SMS that msg/person is really quite a bit lower

Alvin Foo said...

i must admit that what you say is 100% true. Most mobile users will be spammed a few times a month. Thats alot of sms if you take into consideration of the total size of the subsribers in china.