Saturday, October 20, 2007

iPhone is 4th top-selling mobile phone in US

Mere months after its initial launch, the Apple iPhone, available exclusively through AT&T, has clawed its way to the 4th top selling mobile phone in the US, accounting for a full 13% of AT&T total handset sales.

MobileTechNews reports that data from Strategy AnalyticsProductTRAX program shows that 1.325 million iPhones have shipped since its launch.

Now, we all knew the iPhone was selling well, but the true test will be if Apple can attain the 1% global marketshare goal that it set for itself. But, even if the current iPhone doesn’t meet Apple’s self-imposed goal, the iPhone brand will undoubtedly continue to perform - the next-gen iPhone may carry the torch well into the future. Its probably the only mobile device that can be termed as "sexy" and surely a class way above the rest. The iPhone had certainly set a new standard and its now up to the other mobile manufacturers to match up to the iPhone.

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