Friday, October 26, 2007

17% iPhones are unlocked

Apple had sold 1,119,000 iPhones in Q4 2007 bringing the total up to 1,389,000. By comparing the number of iPhones sold to the number of iPhones activated on AT&T's network, Apple was able to figure out how many unlocked devices exist out there - somewhere in the neighborhood of 250,000. Thats alot of unlocked iPhones representing 17% of all iPhones sold. Clearly Apple should be just selling iPhones and forget about making deals with Operators.

Apple have not even officially sold iPhones outside US and they had sold more than 1 million unit! Steve Jobs objective of achieving the sales of 10 million iPhones next year is as good as in the pocket. I just hope that Apple will release the unlocked version soon in China as I m head over heels with an iPhone.


Anonymous said...

My friend just bought one in Bangkok. I do not is it the unlocked or the fake one but it just like the real iPhone. I shopped in LA and really frustrated that I couldnt buy the phone as it locked.

Alvin Foo said...

iPhones that are sold outside US are all unlocked version. There is no way you can buy a locked version and be able to use it with your current network outside US. There are some fake ones mostly made in China but you can easily tell that its not the real iPhones.

I m sure you can try buying an unlocked version in malaysia or singapore as I had seen traders retailing it in this region. Let me know if you need contacts to get hold of one. hehe.