Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blatant Violation of Meebo's Trademark in China

Meebo AMeebo B

Can you tell the difference between the 2 Meebo's websites. Both have almost the same looks and design right? Some of you may even think that they are owned by the same company. I m a regular user of Meebo and I thought it was owned by the same people who brought us Meebo. Unfortunately, its not. Meebo A is the real Meebo whereas Meebo B is a clone made in China which apparently also carry a similar domain name by ends with a dot CN. Not only it carries the same looks, it even cloned the domain name.

I must agree with Luyi Chen, the blogger who had identified the violation that in some way copying from a developed nation is a faster track to learn what works but to copy entirely from the original and makes no additional effort to perfect it is not acceptable. Though the Meebo clone had incorporated QQ into its service offering, I still find this as a blatant violation of Meebo's trademark.

So far Meebo hasnt taken any legal action but i reckon they should be taking action anytime soon. Such blatant act must not be condoned.

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