Sunday, October 7, 2007

22 million people logged into Facebook in August 2007

There was a great post a couple of weeks ago on the blog about how Facebook users spend their time. This is a great information visualization, packing in lots of useful information. Not unsurprisingly, people spend most of their time browsing profiles and signing new apps.

Facebook is of course getting a lot of attention these days, as one of the fastest growing sites (now #3 in Pageviews according to Compete) and one with lots of developer buzz and its definitely having a greater pull than MySpace.

Facebook received over 26 million visitors in August, a little over 22 million end up signing in. Thats alot of signing in for 1 month.

Of the 22 Million people who logged into Facebook in August, nearly 21 Million go on to check their profile or their friends. Beyond that,

  • 14 million people interacted with Facebook Applications in August.
  • Applications are also highly engaging; capturing more time per session than any other activity on the site.
  • Over 16 Million people browsed photos in August. On average, they viewed nearly 150 per month.
  • Only 80,000 (or .3% of total active members) “poked” someone in August.

If you are not on Facebook, i strongly recommend that you go check out Facebook and please help yourself to register and have fun. If you do need some instructions, you can go click on this link to direct you to my previous blog on the Unofficial Dummies Guide to using Facebook.

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