Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wife speaks on Husband's infidelity "caught live" at the launching of the new Olympic TV Channel

State television channel CCTV 5 was renamed The Olympic Channel, and the press conference held recently to launch this was meant to be a proud moment for all involved. Unfortunately, while sports news department head, Zhang Bin was about to speak, his wife, Hu Ziwei, went to the podium, grabbed a microphone and started speaking about her husband’s infidelity in a surprisingly calm and dignified, yet determined manner.

This rather unfortunate moment was captured live via a mobile phone by one of the guest who was attending the auspicious function.

Infidelity of course is not limited to China, but Hu Ziwei did, in her upset state of mind, mention China negatively in her comments in the clip.

For viewer in China, you can access it at Tudou, the chinese equivalent of Youtube.

The clip is in mandarin and this is in summary what she had said.

"I m here speaking not as the host of the program but the wife of Zhang Bin (the fat guy with glasses). I would like to have 1 minute of your time. China will be hosting the Olympic next year and this will attract alot of world's attention. A French Ambassador had once quoted that until China is able to export good moral values, it wont be a great super power. Is this how you treat a woman? Dont you have any conscience? We are still far away from being a super nation. "

I feel sorry for the wife and even the husband was simply shocked and cant even face up to his own wife who must be very hurt and disappointed and angry too.

Infidelity is nothing new in China as ancient China had a long standing acceptance of allowing man to have more than 1 wife especially for the rich, high ranking officials and even the Emperor as a symbol of success and status. But time has changed and such ancient acceptance must give way to the notion of equality of sexes. In a developed nation and society, men and women must enjoy a great degree of equality bonded by strong moral values. Without such value, all the prosperity of any great nation will go in vain.

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