Sunday, January 27, 2008

Do you know how Google employees spend their time

No wonder Google is perhaps the best company to work for. Take a look at the clip below and you would probably start looking at Google's career website.

Personally i like the 20 percent rule that Google allocates to its staff to do its own things inside Google. Alot of the good ideas in Google for example, Google news were a result of the 20 percent rule. Something other companies should consider as this would improve and increase innovation within the company.

On top of good innovation, Googlers have access to unlimited good food and during their free time, they can go to the gym and burn all the calories.

One other thing i like about Google is even though Google is such a big company now, it still maintain a high level of startup spirit that promotes ambitious ideas, fast responses and big achievements. This is something pretty much lacking in most big giant corporations.

You dont need to come from top engineering schools to submit your application to Google. If you have lots of passion with what you are doing, lots of energy, you understand the product space and you want to build good products, Google will be more than happy to have you. By the way, I m not from Google but believe me, Google is a cool company to work.

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