Friday, January 11, 2008

43 billion SMS was sent and received on New Year day

43 billion of SMS sent in a day! If you translate that assuming that they are 3 billion mobile users, each users will be sending out about 14 SMS on an average. Thats alot of SMS in a day!

Global SMS traffic during the 2007/2008 New Year period increased by 30 per cent over the same period last year, research revealed today. Figures from messaging and charging company Acision suggest that global phone users sent a staggering 43 billion text messages to wish their loved ones a happy new year.

The most astounding growth figures came from developing markets. India's 220 million mobile subscribers sent over a billion text messages representing a 300 per cent increase on daily traffic levels.

The Philippines retained its title as the text messaging capital of the world, sending a remarkable 1.39 billion text messages from a subscriber base of just 50 million.

Millions of people have chosen this new way to deliver their best wishes to their loved ones. It’s time efficient; sending texts out singularly is faster and easier than a phone call, email or card. Those with phones who allow it can even super-charge those attributes by writing one message and sending it out as a mass text.

But, above all, it’s another indicator of how much more impersonal our contact with others is. The inauthenticity, the effort, the willingness to devote a certain amount of time, money and energy on expressing our care for those we love.

Isnt mobile supposed to be the real denominator to bring us closer together in the lowest cost and fastest way or have we been sucked into the powerful device that we had ended up becoming more dependent on it and remote from everybody?? With 43 billion SMS sent and received, arent we supposed to be closer to each other??

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