Monday, January 21, 2008

Nokia courting Facebook

Paid Content is reporting exclusively that Nokia is courting Facebook and they are in the midst of securing a partnership and may even take a strategic stake in the leading social network company, adding to the social network’s funding gathered from the likes of Microsoft and the Sawmer Brothers.

If the claims are true, Nokia phones will have a direct link to Facebook which i m sure will improve the already good user experience available on current facebook's interface for mobile.

While this is still categorised as "rumor" but it makes alot of sense for both companies to be talking to each other. The Nokia-Facebook deal would give the social network instant big-time mobile distribution: Nokia is the world's largest maker of mobile phones and Nokia will have a bigger exposure to the US market as majority of Facebook's users are coming from the US.

With the OVI strategy in place and a new reorganisation that had just been completed on the 1st Jan 2008, Nokia has a big task ahead. Moving from a device manufacturer to an internet company requires more than just a strategy and acquisitions. Its interesting to see how the whole fairy tale story at Nokia will develop in the next few years.

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